Patagonian Cooking

Glaciar Cocktail

Another exclusive recipe from Today we propose you a special delicacy: a highball drink that will remind you, with its freshness and colors, of one of the most impressive Patagonia attractions: the Glaciers.


  • Pina colada (you can replace it with coconut cream if you wish a drink with less alcohol)
  • White rum
  • Vodka
  • Blue Curaçao
  • Lemon ice cream
  • Cracked ice


You need a highball glass to prepare this drink. It has to be previously iced.

Then you have to pour the ingredients into the blender in this order: 4/10 pina colada, 3/10 white rum, 1/10 vodka, 1/10 lemon ice cream. Add cracked ice and blend for two minutes.

Pour the mix into a glass with plenty of cracked ice. Then add a “splash” of
blue curaçao in order to give the drink the light blue color. Then, the last
and most important step: ENJOY IT!

Many thanks to Nico Scardamaglia for the recipe and pic.