Patagonia, December 3 2020

Skiing in Patagonia

Otto Hill Argentine Patagonia is the right destination for skiing from mid June to late September. And there are places for all tastes and needs. From the most exclusive ones, with world-class services, to small centers, less crowded but also available, ready for adventure. And if you think that skiing is a sport only for those with a special training, we offer you all the information on the different variations of this sport; you’ll find out one of them fits into your vacations’ style. Don’t hesitate: snow is wonderful and all its connected activities have an unique charm. Let’s go Patagonia skiing…

Summary chart – Skiing resorts in Patagonia

Places to ski in Patagonia Center Activities Slopes Area for Skiing Means of elevation and capacity Base altitude Peak altitude Alta Patagonia Andean and Nordic skiing, snowboard, snowtrack and sleighs 30 km. 80 hectares 12   8.000 per hour 1.030 … Continue reading

La Hoya

Skiing at La Hoya - Esquel - Photo: Secretaría de Turismo de Esquel

In the mountainous range of Esquel, 13 km. from the city and next to the Cañadón de Los Bandidos, you will find La Hoya, a ski and other winter activities center. It is one of the most sought after places for … Continue reading

Bayo Hill

Cerro Bayo - Foto

The Cerro Bayo Skiing Resort is one of the most exclusive in the country and the closest to an urban center. Surrounded by an incomparable natural environment, it incorporates the best technological advances every year. The base of this ski … Continue reading

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