Skiing in Patagonia

Skiing in Ushuaia

Ushuaia, located in the end of the Andes Mountain range, is surrounded by mountainous peaks and suitable lands for the practice of all type of winter sports.

The official opening of the season takes place the night of June 20, with the National Party of the Longest Night. An attractive walk with torches is carried out and there are endless recreational and cultural activities.

Cross country, the oldest in all the ski modalities that had its origin in the Nordic countries, is typical of this region which was declared National Capital of Cross Country and Biathlon.

It is important to notice that this activity is ideal to be practiced as a family, since it is carried out in almost slopeless lands and with very little physical risks.

The characteristics of the landscape that surrounds the city of Ushuaia, with extensive valleys covered by lengas, coihues and cinnamon trees forests, make the practice of this sport a fascinating experience.

The Centers of Winter Sports of Ushuaia are divided in two big classes according to the type of skiing that can be practiced.

1- Nordic Ski and Cross country Centers:

Francisco Jerman: only 5 kilometers from downtown, has an excellent system of track demarcation and it has been homologated for international competitions. It has five circuits with different technical difficulties. The panorama that can be observed from here is of a great beauty: the Beagle Channel, the Ushuaia Bay, the Islands… During the months of June and July the accumulation of dry or powdered snow gets to 60 cm. The temperatures are not very low, given the proximity of the sea.

Altos del Valle: 17 kilometers from Ushuaia, which can be traveled in regular transportation, this center has lodging in cabins and, among other services, the first school of dogs sled children drivers.

Solar del Bosque: On the route 3, 18 kilometers from the city, has a shelter, a diner and campsite with services. Activities like motorcycles for snow rides and voyages on skis and rackets can be practiced.

Las Cotorras: Also on the route 3, in front of the complex Cerro Castor, 26 kilometers from Ushuaia, this center offers the possibility to carry out trips along beavers nests cross country, skate racks, rides in flexmobile, rent of children sleds and, of course, ski school.

2- Andean Ski Centers

Ushuaia Andean Club:it is 2 kilometers far from Ushuaia, on the Martial Range. It has a track 850 m. long and a ski lift.

Center of Winter Sports Glacier Martial: Located 7 kilometers from the city, serviced by regular transportation, it has a track of 1300 m. and, like half of the elevation means, a double chairlift. There is good snow between the months of May and October that gets up to 2 meters, powdered or compact.

Center of Winter Sports Cerro Castor: On the hillsides of the Cerro Krund, 27 kilometers from Ushuaia on route 3, this modern complex is located. It is the southernomst Winter Sports Center in the world. It has 15 suitable tracks for all the levels: 5 green (beginners), 4 blue (intermediate), 4 red (advanced) and 2 black (experts). They total 17 kilometers of longitude and they cover a skiing surface of 400 hectares. Besides, this ski complex features a S.I.F. Competition rink suitable for National and International competitions. Off-rinks are exceptional and suitable for the most demanding skiers, and ideal for extreme skiing or snowboarding.

It has got very modern elevation means, with a capacity of up to 5,000 persons per hour.

The equipment for rental is of the most advanced type and it is constantly renewed according to the tendencies of each season. There is a system that maintains the boots automatically odorless and warm.

Cerros Castor’s Ski School has 20 trainers, who teach ski, snowboard and snowblade. There is also a special school for kids aged 4 to 14.

Among other services, this complex has got coffee shops at the base, the middle and near the top. Also a mountain shelter at the peak. There is an ambulance and a First Aids room as well.

Although there is a general belief that the climate is too harsh, truth is that it is indeed ideal for practicing winter sports because it features the best quality of snow combined with the longest season in South America. According to the records of the last 12 years, you have sure snow down to the base from June to October.

Everything is set so that an extraordinary experience can be enjoyed: Skiing at the End of the World!

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