Skiing in Patagonia

Skiing in Copahue and Caviahue

In the northwest of the Province of Neuquén, at the foot of the Copahue Volcano and beside Lake Caviahue, these mountain villages are located, at 1600 meters above sea level and 18 kilometers from each other. The area is inside the Copahue Provincial Park, 8300 hectares, with pehuenes forests, swamplands and cascades, where the tourists can even find snow in advanced spring.

The Ski Center has 5 kilometers of signaled tracks, for beginners and advanced learners. The new incorporation is a ski lift of 1200 meters (between the 2400 and 2800 meters of height) The other means of elevation are: a double chairlift of 1440 meters, two ski lifts of 700 meters each one and a T-bar of 1600 meters.

En 2008 se estrena el Patagonia Mountain, una excursión a Copahue que comprende la subida hasta la cumbre del volcán Copahue, sólo reservada a los más audaces, con opción de descenso en fuera de pista a través de más de 16 kilómetros entre araucarias.

The services include the equipment rental, a repair shop, a nursery, a ski school and the snow garden.

Among the alternative activities there also is the adventure ski, rides in motorcycles for snow in the valley of Jara and voyages in sleds with Siberian dogs.

And don’t forget that there also are the traditional thermal baths with the waters of the Volcano; this allows to combine the relax, with the sports and the winter games.

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