Patagonian Plateau

The Patagonian Plateau

Valcheta and Somuncura Tableland / Neuquén (Capital) / Choele Choel / Cipolletti / General Roca / Villa Regina / Sarmiento and the Petrified Wood / Ingeniero Jacobacci / Gobernador Gregores

Staggered plateaus with groups of low, flat and isolated hills are found in this region. Small thorny bushes are the predominant vegetation. The coirón is the typical species, and also chañares and espinillos can be found. Trees do not grow here and those planted grow tilted by effect of the strong winds.

The landscape is barren, the population density is low and constituted mainly by mapuche settlements (aborigines of the area)

The dryness and desolation of the plateau is only interrupted by the oases on the coast of the few rivers crossing it, like the Río Negro, Chubut and Deseado.

These form attractive valleys. The Río Negro is the largest river in terms of volume of water. The most populated area of Patagonia is located up the river.

Central Patagonia is mostly unknown and the least visited area, but traveling through it is a marvelous experience; beyond the valleys, the desert reminds us of the Earth as it once probably was.