Choele Choel


Chimpay is a small rural locality with a population of 2,000 and located 87 km. from Choele Choel. Ceferino Namuncurá, son of the indian chief Manuel Namuncurá was born here on the 26 of August, 1886.

Thanks to his father´s efforts, he was admitted to Pío IX Salesian School, where he discovered is vocation for priesthood. In 1903 he begins his seminarian studies in Viedma and the next year Monsignor Cagliero decides to take him to Rome to continue his studies. In September of 1904 he is received by Pope Pius X together with other clergymen. His health was failing and he died on the 11th. of March, 1905.

Presently he is considered a saint and venerated as such, although his beatification never materialized until today. Large processions take place on the anniversary of his birth and death, that start from “Mirador Cueva del Pavo” on Route 22, to Ceferino´s monument.

His remains lie in Fortín Mercedes, south of the Province of Buenos Aires.