Junín de los Andes Andean Patagonia

Via Christi Sculpture Park

The Via Christi Sculpture Park is an artistic and religious journey representing the path to the crucifixion of Jesus through 23 stations, located on the slopes of Cerro de la Cruz, in the town of Junin de los Andes.

Parque Vía Christi - Foto:
Parque Vía Christi – Foto:

This 2.5 km circuit is one of the main attractions of Junin de los Andes and is visited annually by thousands of people, during the Easter celebrations.

Parque Via Christi - Foto:
Parque Via Christi – Foto:

One of the great achievements of the artist who designed it, the architect and sculptor Alejandro Santana, is to have attached in the sculptures, elements of the Catholic tradition along with those of the Mapuche aborigines’ cosmovision. In the sculptures we can clearly distinguish aboriginal traits and we can see Laura Vicuña and Ceferino Namuncurá, two Blessed natives from the region.

El arquitecto Alejandro Santana en plena obra - Foto:
El arquitecto Alejandro Santana en plena obra – Foto:

Stations are circular shaped little plazas, located in the middle of a pine forest on the west slope of Cerro de la Cruz, an  easy access place, just 500 m. from famous Route 40.

The park has opening and closing times that may vary according to the season. Check with the tourist office. The tour is guided.