Lake Marí Menuco

Take Route 7 northbound. Traveling 20 km. you will be in the town of Vista Alegre; from there 45 km. more and you will arrive at Lake Mari Menuco, which, along with the Los Barreales lake, forms a lacustrine complex. These natural basins were filled with a diversion dam in the Neuquén River with the purpose of taking advantage of it tourist and economically.

Here is the Planicie Banderita Hydroelectric Plant, equipped with two groups of 225kw. each one taking advantage of a useful jump of 69 meters.

In summer you can enjoy spa areas, campsites with a landscape of abundant vegetation. It is also possible to develop different water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing and sport fishing for trout, pejerreyes and perch.