Negro River's Upper Valley

General Roca

Located in the central region of the Upper Valley of the Negro River, this city has about 70,000 inhabitants and its foundation dates back to September 1, 1879 from a military seat commanded by Colonel Lorenzo Vintter.

Undoubtedly, the main activity, as in the whole region, is fruit growing. The production of apples and pears stands out.

It is a modern city with few historic buildings standing. Walking its central streets, you can meet the former mail where the Organizing Committee of the National Apple Festival, which is held annually at the beginning of March. His style is typically Andean.

You can also go through another very interesting construction, the place where Banco de Río Negro and Neuquén operated.

In General Roca the Diario Río Negro is published, the best seller in Patagonia and one of the most important in the country. It was founded by Mr. Fernando Rajneri in 1912. Since 1980 its new headquarters is located on 9 de Julio and Sarmiento streets. The Depository Library of the United Nations operates in the middle of its modern facilities.

On the corner of 9 de Julio and Maipú you can visit the House of Culture, created in 1972. It is the ideal place to get acquainted with the cultural activity of the city and the area.

And if what you are looking for is a bit of relaxation, we recommend the Paseo El Canalito; It is an irrigation canal in the center of Gral.Roca with a landscaped area and where, during summer nights, there are artists, artisans and the possibility of having a drink.

Outside the city, travel 12 km. to Paso Córdoba, a wild place on the Negro River. Ideal for spending a day outdoors.

Finally, do not miss the Mirador de las Tres Cruces (21 km.), It is a panoramic point to the city, the Patagonian steppe and the valley.