Centennial Park

This circuit can be done on foot or by car.

Leaving the most important avenue in the city, Argentina, and traveling up to the end, you will find the monument to Dr. Manuel Olascoaga, first Governor of the Territory of Neuquén. A few steps from there, you will see the Centennial Park with its Plaza de las Banderas and the 21 masts that represent the regiments that participated in La Campaña del Desierto.

To the right of the Plaza, 500 meters away, is the Balcón del Valle, a promontory of 265 meters. s.n.m. that allows to see a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. It is a strategic point for those who want to know Neuquén, the lower course of the river, the neighboring city of Cipolletti and the whole area of ​​farms.

At the foot is one of the most important universities in Patagonia: Universidad Nacional del Comahue, where the Central Library stands, the Museum of Natural, Anthropological and Paleontological Sciences. Worth visiting for the prehistoric fossils found in the region.

Then you can continue along José Riavitz Street, characterized by its afforestation of conifers, and reach the Astronomical Observatory of Neuquén, where you can observe the solar system through 3 composite image telescopes that detect visible light. This is located in El Mirador and Rincón de Emilio streets and the visiting hours are from 8 pm on clear days.