National Parks

Laguna Blanca National Park

It has a total surface of 11,250 hectares in western Neuquen province, close to Zapala. It was created in 1945 with the purpose of controlling too many black necked swans that were building their nests in the area.

The lagoon comes out in the middle of the Patagonian steppe, surrounded by conical hills, with gentle hillsides ending in abrupt gorges.

Its main attractive is the aquatic bird fauna, which features a great assortment of species (as well as quantity), being the black necked swan the main star undoubtedly.

At the lagoon’s surroundings there is a cave, called Salamanca, that was inhabited by the primitive men in the region during prehistoric times. It has also rock paintings made by them, typical in northern Patagonia.

To get to this National Park you must take route 22 from Neuquen to Zapala and then National Route 40 up to the crossing with Provincial Route 46, which traverses the Park. From Zapala to the park there are 32 Km. Also, you can reach the Park via Junin de los Andes or Alumine, in the south.