Patagonia, November 23 2020
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Patagonia National Park

Located in the Northwest of the Province of Santa Cruz, Patagonia National Park has 52 thousand hectares and was created from the donation of land to the State by the Flora and Fauna Argentina Foundation.

This foundation acquired, in 2015, 24 thousand hectares of Estancia Los Toldos. It also acquired 20 thousand hectares of Estancia La Ascensión on the majestic Lake Buenos Aires. At the end of 2018 the National Executive Power issued the decree by which the natural reserve was created. Then the National Parks Administration accepted the donation, founding the Patagonia National Park. It is expected in the future that the Cave of the Hands (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999) will be part of the National Park too.

It is an area of impressive and almost virgin landscapes overlooking Mount Zeballos that houses the only extra-Andean glacier in the country. It covers mountains, steppe, rivers and lakes and is home to the Macá Tobiano, a native bird of Southern Patagonia discovered in 1974.

The creation of this National Park aims especially at the protection of the Macá Tobiano since it is in danger of extinction due to the presence of exotic and invasive species such as rainbow trout, the cook seagull and the american mink.

It is also an area loaded with great archaeological finds such as petroglyphs 3000 years old. These rock carvings in volcanic rock are at 1300 meters high and its authors are not yet known.

To get there, the closest is by plane to Comodoro Rivadavia. From this city by car or bus to Los Antiguos. And from there they are 170 km more to the Patagonia National Park.

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