Puerto Madryn

How to arrive in Puerto Madryn?

You can get to Puerto Madryn by plane, bus or car. In any case there are some indications to take into account.

For air transportation, the city of Trelew (60 Km. from Madryn) has got a modern international airport, with regular flights from several companies in Argentina. The airport at Puerto Madryn is smaller, with a low amount of traffic.

Please note that most planes fly into Trelew instead of Puerto Madryn. This is the reason why many travel agents abroad think that there is no way to fly to the area of Madryn and Valdes Peninsula. But they are wrong.

Route 3, at Río Colorado

For those who travel by car, the national route N° 3 is the way if coming from the north of the country. In the Province of Chubut this route goes very near the coast, and this fact allows a fast and easy ride to the different beaches and villages. Remember that fuel is 35% cheaper starting at Sierra Grande, in Rio Negro.

If coming from the north via Route 3 there are several places worth the while visiting:

– The Comarca Viedma-Carmen de Patagones, with its beautiful beaches and historical places and tours.

– San Antonio Oeste and Las Grutas, in order to dive into warm, crystal clear waters and visit the deep waters port.

You can also get to Puerto Madryn by bus. The trip from Buenos Aires takes 17 hours approximately.

Distances in kilometers from/to Puerto Madryn:

Bariloche: 745
Buenos Aires: 1389
Comodoro Rivadavia: 429
Córdoba: 1394
El Calafate: 1388
Gaiman: 81
Neuquén: 882
Trelew: 67
Punta Tombo: 180
Puerto Pirámides: 104
Ushuaia: 1800
Viedma: 447

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