Patagonia, January 25 2020
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The weather in Madryn

A wide temperature range and the almost constant winds characterize the weather in Puerto Madryn.

In summer it is hot during the day, it can reach 40 Âș C, but always cool at night. Winter temperatures are low but there is no snow.

Note that in Puerto Madryn latitude the ozone layer begins to get thinner, thus its protective effects are lower and sun damage may occur. Do not forget your sunglasses and adequate sunscreen.

Average Temperatures

May: 15ÂșC / 59ÂșF
June: 12ÂșC / 54ÂșF
July: 10ÂșC / 50ÂșF
August: 12ÂșC / 54ÂșF
September: 15ÂșC / 59ÂșF
October: 13° / 56ÂșF
November: 16°C / 61ÂșF
December: 19°C / 66ÂșF
January: 20°C / 68ÂșF
February: 20°C / 68ÂșF
March: 18°C / 65ÂșF
April: 15ÂșC / 59ÂșF