Patagonia, July 4 2020

What to pack?

When packing you must not forget that Puerto Madryn is a maritime city.

In summer you must have beach clothing, something light and sandals to wear during the day and warm clothes for the fresh nights.

In winter the best recommendation is to wear several layers of clothing, because it is cold at open air but there is very good heating indoors.

Also in winter you have to have very good, waterproof footwear. You must also carry, at any time of the year, a good jacket.

Similarly, it is essential to take sunscreen and sunglasses.


4 Responses to What to pack?

  1. ramon bernis says:

    Viajaremos el 10 de febrero a patagonia desde ushuaia el calafate puerto natales puerto varas puerto mont cruce d elagos y barriloche ,,me podrian indicar que ropa tenemos que llevar ,,muchas gracias

  2. monica says:

    quiero saber condiciones del clima y estado de las rutas desde Córdoba al sur de Bahia

  3. caperucita says:

    Quisiera saber cuál es la temperatura promedio ene Enero en la segunda quincena,gracias

  4. andrea says:

    Hola!! Quiero saber frecuencia de lluvias durante julio en P. Madryn.

    Gracias no es lo mismo llevar una buena campera de abrigo que una impermeable!!ja, ja .

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