Buenos Aires

What’s the typical weather like in Buenos Aires?

Type of Climate

It is warm and humid, and generally pleasant and sunny.


The annual average temperature is 18º C (64ª F).
The coldest month is July and, sometimes, August, such being the winter months.  In the summer, the temperature can be as high as 40º C (104º F). During fall and spring, mornings are rather cold and the temperature usually rises in the afternoon.


This is a major element in porteños’ lives, turning into an everyday topic, being that it is popular for affecting the temper, the intensity of rheumatic pains and the hairdo in general, particularly women’s.

Buenos Aires is essentially humid, with average rates of 80% between June and July, reaching 95% in the summer, with and average 65% for this season.

This high relative humidity makes the cold and hot weather felt more intensively than shown by the thermometer. This is shown by the wind-chill index, which combines the effect of the wind and humidity on the actual temperature.

The winds

North wind

This wind is especially present in the summer. It is hot and humid, and brings storms with it.

Wind of the Pampa

The pampero or “wind of the pampa” comes from the west and counteracts the effects of the north wind. When this wind is cold and dry, the sky clears up and the temperatures drop. When this wind is humid, it brings with it black clouds and electrical storms. And it is called the dirty wind when it brings with it dust storms.


This is a phenomenon of cold and rain that manifests itself after many consecutive days of hot weather. It has strong gusts of cold wind and brings with it humidity and rains that can last for days. It commonly appears in the months of June and October and sometimes causes flooding in some low-lying neighbourhoods.


The rainy season is in autumn and spring. And even though the average is one out of every four days is a rainy one, the majority are showers or quick rainstorms.

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