Buenos Aires

Tango, a worldwide phenomena

From the beginning of the new millennium onwards, tango seduced the whole world. It is now common to find people who like milongas in diverse parts of the world such as Finland, Germany, Turkey and Japan, France and the US.

Tango en San TelmoFestivals, meetings, championships and world summits on tango are held in every part of the planet. While most people get involved with tango because of the dancing, there are great musicians who make world tours of a large attendance and of great reviews.

Almost all tango historic discography is reedited and the works of all times start to acquire value again.

Tangueros (people who like or perform tango) from all over the world arrive in Buenos Aires in order to get to know this tango city and hoping to dance with an old milonga dancer and to go through the fairs so as to find unique objects and to enjoy the musical language that many have adopted as their own, trespassing the limits of the Rio de la Plata.

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