Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – Basic information

Buenos Aires is the Capital City of the Argentine Republic, officially called since 1994 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Autonomous city).

It is the most important city in the country and one of the biggest in Latin America. Its population consists of 3 million inhabitants; when we add the area of Great Buenos Aires, it comes up to 16 million, which situates the metro area among the 10 most populated ones in the world. A megacity.

Location on the map

It is situated in the Southern Hemisphere of the American Continent, at a South Latitude of 34’’ 36’ 30, and a West Longitude of 58’’ 26’ 19. The city lies by Rio de la Plata, 25m above sea level, on the fluvial border of the Pampas.

The landscape

The landscape around the city is the vast Pampa, which presents only some hills, the rest being bare plains, whose view ends at the line of the horizon, only interrupted by a few lines of trees. The Pampa ends as cliffs on the banks of Rio de la Plata. Picturesque samples of this can be seen in Parque Lezama in San Telmo, and Barrancas de Belgrano.


The city lies to the North East of Buenos Aires Province, limiting with Rio de la Plata to the East, the Riachuelo to the South, and General Paz Ave. to the North and West. This Avenue divides the city from Great Buenos Aires.

When we talk about Buenos Aires in the urban sense, we picture the metropolitan area consisting of Buenos Aires city plus Great Buenos Aires (the result of the expansion of Buenos Aires during the 20th century), which is actually part of Buenos Aires Province, both politically and administratively, and consists of 33 districts.

Great Buenos Aires can, at the same time, be divided into three extensive areas: the South, crowded and industrial, the North, residential and elegant, and the West, traditionally with middle-class features.

The magic of Buenos Aires

El ObeliscoBuenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world. It is distinguished by its cosmopolitan character that shows in its diverse cultural offerings, diverse architectural styles, the charm of its neighbourhoods, the warmth of the Porteños and the irresistible magic of tango.

It is the grand host of South America that opens its arms to receive its visitors

If you want to be surprised, open yourself to the experience.
Buenos Aires awaits you on every corner with its wide range of possibilities.

How can you resist the life that takes place each night in the bars, that is to be discovered in the streets, that makes each night eternal?  The city is dynamic and overwhelming, eclectic in its expansiveness, with its own customs and ability to create new forms of expression.

The porteño is an adventurer always looking to discover new experiences, but at the same time rooted in his daily rituals. He will never give up a date to meet a friend in a café, a football (soccer) match in which his favorite team is playing, an asado (barbeque) on Sunday with the family, a night of theater on Corrientes Avenue, and a night dancing tango, the music that transmits the emotions of his life.

Modernity and tradition, La bohème and refinement, all live together in this great city, which always finds the time to enjoy life. Each day is an adventure, where the past meets the future. All of this mixes together with a touch of latin heat that never fails to surprise visitors. This is a recipe for exciting nights and culture-filled days!

The place to go for theaters and cinemas (and the Argentines like their movies with subtitles, never dubbed) is Corrientes Avenue, and other streets to explore that inspired the likes of Jorge Luis Borges. There are many world-class football stadiums that have been the stomping grounds of Diego Maradona, the emblematic places where Eva Perón became a myth, and the bars that still resonate with the eternal voice of the tango singer Carlos Gardel.

To wander the streets, dance in the discos or in the milongas (tango bars) or enjoy a night in the theater or eat a huge, juicy steak, to sit in a bar to drink a coffee, to listen to a tango or analyze life, is a unique experience that will leave you transformed.

Each corner of Buenos Aires has a story to tell. We invite you to discover them.

Allow yourself to be swept away. . . Long live Buenos Aires!!!

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