Museum of Cinema Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken

Address: Defensa 1220 – San Telmo

This museum was created when Pablo Ducrós Hicken donated a private collection consisting of Lumiere and Gaumont equipments, projectors, editing projectors, props, models, wardrobes of famous stars, a large number of relics and objects that built the history of the national film industry. It owns tapes of 35mm, Super 8, 9 ½ and 8mm, and displays the collection of prizes our film industry has earned since it started in 1896. It owns a film archive with over 600 sound productions, and a historic archive of the news program “Sucesos Argentinos” (Events in Argentina), among so many other valuable works. In addition, there is a library that keeps a great amount of information on films, directors, actors and all other people involved in the national film industry, as well as old issues, books, signs, documents, plots and pictures recounting the history of this industry along the years.