General Belgrano Museum

Address: Saráchaga 4906 – Vélez Sarfield Its five halls display items, photographs and even documents signed by this leader, who engaged in a myriad of battles for the country and, above all, he created the national flag, the light blue and white symbol of our country. It keeps significant records and a library with 1700… Read on

Ricardo Rojas Museum

Address: Charcas 2837 – Recoleta This museum has been set in what used to be the home of Ricardo Rojas, the prestigious poet, dramatist, orator, politician and historian. It consists of a neo colonial house his wife handed over to the State in 1957. It has been declared National Historic heritage as its façade is… Read on

Casa Rosada Museum (Pink House Museum)

Museo de la Casa Rosada

Address: Hipólito Yrigoyen 219 – Monserrat This museum that opened in 1957 tells the story of our presidents through the display of their bands and sticks, documents, approval of decrees and many other elements that account for history by the work of the authorities. There is also a newspaper library, an archive and a library… Read on

National Museum of Immigration

Address: Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 – Retiro This museum keeps the most complete records on the arrival of the immigrants at the port of Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1929. It displays suitcases and items they brought along. Its different rooms used to be part of the Immigrants Hotel, constructed to give these people provisional… Read on

Museum of the City

Museo de la Ciudad

Address: Alsina 412 – Monserrat This museum preserves the history of the city, and it is devoted to researching, perpetuating and spreading the life of Porteños through the retelling of their customs revealed by their personal everyday life items. It organizes different activities in pursue of such objective, like courses and conferences for whoever is… Read on

Santa Casa de Ejercicios Espirituales Museum

Address: Av. Independencia 1190 – Monserrat The historic building in which this museum is located was built in 1795 and even after more than 200 years, it still keeps its original architecture. It is open only once a month on a Sunday, a unique opportunity of seeing ten colonial patios, chapels, antique works of art… Read on

Museum of Cinema Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken

Address: Defensa 1220 – San Telmo This museum was created when Pablo Ducrós Hicken donated a private collection consisting of Lumiere and Gaumont equipments, projectors, editing projectors, props, models, wardrobes of famous stars, a large number of relics and objects that built the history of the national film industry. It owns tapes of 35mm, Super… Read on

Argentine Army Uruguay Corvette Museum Ship

Ël Buque Museo Corbeta A.R.A Uruguay es el barco a flote de mayor antigüedad de la Armada Argentina

Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo al 1900. Dique 1 – Puerto Madero This ship on display on Puerto Madero was declared National Historic Monument on 1967 since it participated on great deeds such as the expedition that recovered national sovereignty on Patagonia and it also developed scientific functions. The most memorable deed took place on… Read on

La Salle School Museum

Address: Riobamba 650 – Balvanera Once This is a natural sciences museum located within the school. It began as a storage place of curious objects the students brought. You will find a broad variety that goes from embalmed animals that belonged to the former school’s zoo to city models, works of art and curious objects… Read on

Manoblanca Museum

Address: Tabaré 1371 – Pompeya This museum pursues the preservation of objects and testimonies of the Pompeya neighbourhood and the music of Buenos Aires in order to learn and spread the development of the people of the city through this very porteño neighbourhood and its tango features. It was created by the historian Gregorio Plotnik… Read on