National Museum of Immigration

Address: Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 – Retiro

This museum keeps the most complete records on the arrival of the immigrants at the port of Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1929. It displays suitcases and items they brought along. Its different rooms used to be part of the Immigrants Hotel, constructed to give these people provisional shelter between 1911 and 1953. It later became the museum it is now, that’s why it is in itself living history on the origin of our population. The mechanism was as follows: the immigrants were given room here for a minimum period of five days, while being instructed on the Argentinean geography, history and legal system. They generally moved to a tenement house once they had gotten a job. Nowadays, it lets us learn about the lifestyle of the first immigrants through a sequence of pictures on permanent display. It can be visited on weekdays from 10am to 5pm, and on weekends from 11am to 6pm; it remains closed on holidays. For a guided visit, it is necessary to make said arrangement by phone.