Caminito Street: Open Air Museum

Address: Pasaje Caminito Entre Magallanes y Lamadri – La Boca

It is one of the most significant pedestrian streets of the city of Buenos Aires. To say “caminito” is to say tango, Quinquela Martin, the very heart of the La Boca neighbourhood.
It is an original museum in the open with visual arts on display by many popular artists that reflect the history of the neighbourhood and its characters. It is a compulsory stop for every tourist that visits the city.
In the beginning there was a small stream with a bridge in its place, later –until 1920- it constituted the crossing for the railway line that went to Ensenada. In time, a group of neighbours attempted to restore the place and they created this street with cooperation from the artist Quinquela Martin. He named this street “Caminito” to pay homage to a tango song of the same name by Juan de Dios Filiberto despite the fact that the lyrics of the song are not related to this place.
The artist’s idea was to create a street that transmitted joy and to do so, they gave the street a broad range of colours and artistic value with its bas-reliefs, statues, wainscots and plaques. It became the first open museum in the world in which the visual artists have their atelier and they relate with the neighbourhood during the creative process of their work.


The painter Quinquela Martín was one of the persons who conceived Caminito and its artistic proposal

The pintoresque Caminito pedestrian street is the heart of the popular neighborhood of La Boca