National Museum of Fine Arts

Address: Av. Del Libertador 1473 – Recoleta

The National Museum of Arts was created in 1895. After having its seat in different mansions, in 1931, by initiative of the national government an exclusive building was designed for the museum by the architect Alejandro Bustillo. This new building had to adapt the functional design of this industrial building to the needs of the museum. The building used to be the seat of the Casa de Bombas del Establecimiento Recoleta, a place where the water from the Rio de la Plata was purified for the use of people. The current seat has suffered several reforms from 1933, that was the year it was inaugurated. It has 32 rooms on the ground floor, each of them is large and has good distributions and lighting conditions, and two upper floors. It has a collection of approximately 11.000 works of a great artistic value. Apart from its permanent collection, it is a museum with constant displays of the great masters of the world art that summon a big audience. It also has a library, a room for showing films and an important patio with sculptures. Many workshops, courses, book presentations, all kinds of tourist guides, concerts and permanent displays of art are held there. The museum is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:30 to 07:30PM; and on Saturdays and holidays from 9:30am to 07:30pm. The entrance is free of charge.

The museum has a colection of 11.000 works of art
The museum has a colection of 11.000 works of art