Puerto Madryn

Punta Loma, a fauna reservation very near Puerto Madryn

Ideal for a short ride or a walk, Punta Loma is a Fauna Reservation located very close to downtown Puerto Madryn.

17 km. away from Puerto Madryn you will find Punta Loma Fauna Reserve.

Punta Loma

It is a habitat for single-hair sea lions. There is a lookout point placed on a slope facing the Golfo Nuevo. You reach Cerro Avanzado some three km. ahead, where oyster and marine invertebrate fossils can be found.

Trekking can be practiced here from Puerto Madryn to the beach bordering the coast where you will find paths and beautiful beaches like El Pozo, Paraná, Punta Este and Kaiser. Don´t forget to check the low tide times!

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