Patagonia Argentina, February 17, 2018

Sierra Grande

It is located in the southeast of the province of Río Negro, on route 3 and at 1270 km. from Buenos Aires. Its population is approximately 10,000. Its origins go back to 1890 and served as a post for travelers and cattlemen.

But the growth of Sierra Grande was due to the extraction of iron ore. The deposits were discovered in 1944 but not until 1969 did the exploitation begin by a public company, Hipasam. Unfortunately, later Hipasam went bankrupt and many of its inhabitants emigrated. However, the mines are still a tourist attraction and they can be visited. Sierra Grande is definitively an interesting stop. You will be able to observe its infrastructure, a consequence of the investments made to exploit the largest iron ore mines in South America. .

As Sierra Grande is on the way to Puerto Madryn, if you travel by car, will have the opportunity to stop. Lodging and food facilities are available.

As an added attraction, donĀ“t forget that from this point to the south, gasoline is 50% cheaper than the rest of the country.