National Parks

National Parks: An asset for the future

Patagonia shelters eleven National Parks and three National Monuments. It is also the region that most concentrates these type of natural reservations within Argentina. Here is a series of articles about the National Parks within Argentine Patagonia. Discover their general features, history and the reasons that motivated their creation.

Lanín National Park

Most of the National Parks are located on the Andes, on western PatagoniaThey conform a long corridor consisting of thousands of protected hectares, with flora and fauna species that are unique in the world, some of them endangered.

You can now learn all about them; their names, where they are, how they were created and, most important, how to get to each of them.

The National Parks Administration is the official authority of all Parks, which has recently enabled the possibility of buying admission tickets online.

We will start to describe them following a southbound route along the Andes and then back to the north but along the Atlantic coast.