Patagonia Today

Route 40: From Bariloche to El Bolsón

Snowy route.It is 131 km of asphalt.  A few years ago this stretch of the journey was traveled on National Route 258.

Ancient Route 40, passes for Pilcaniyeu, Las Bayas and El Maitén. It is a desolate journey, passing through the tableland and the foothills. Using this route, in the long valley of El Maitén, one can see the fields used to raise the sheep owned by the Italian Benneton corporation.

Nowadays, in contrast, Route 40 borders the Lake Guillelmo, where there are wonderful campsites, free but without services. Later, the road runs along the valley, rounding its way around the peaks of the mountain crown and crossing the valleys where the waters of the rivers begin to make their way into the Pacific Ocean.

The newly built road doesn’t cross the legendary Canon of la Mosca, where the old road made a dangerous journey up and down the cliffs of the valley.

After crossing the bridge above the river Villegas we enter the National Park Nahuel Huapi, a circular route along the riverbank of the River Manso, important because it carries the water of seven different lakes into the Pacific.

Foyel HillLater we encounter the small town of El Foyel, a picturesque place for a brief stop before continuing the journey.

The view is stunning: gazing towards the south we can see the peak of Mount Fortaleza, and towards the east the Serrucho mountain chain. After El Fovel, the road descends zigzagging, with very sharp curves. Drive Cautiously!