Puerto Madryn

The road of the Welsh

A ride that allows you to know a completely different landscape from the one of the Patagonia plateau.

Typical welsh house

A valley that has been modified, after many years of hard work by the first settlers who came from Wales. Their work turned the desert into a fertile and less hostile valley, where they could develop their lives and culture. And the imprints they left can all be seen throughout the ride.

The first stop is Dolavon, the town of the waterwheels. There you can see the Old Windmill and the Paleo-Astronomical lookout point. Afterwards you go through the old roads to the farms (socio-economical space of each Welsh family). In one of them, the most singular chapel ever built in the area is found: St. David’s Anglican chapel. In other farms you can appreciate the different cultivations made by the settlers, and the variety of farm animals they bred, from sheep to “choiques”.

Welsh farmA must stop is the farm that inspired the writer Chatwin to write a great part of his best-seller book “In Patagonia”. There, its owners are in charge of telling visitors the story of the valley, who the engineers that designed it were, the legendary bandits that visited the region, and even the family’s memories. An experience you won’t forget and that will come back to your mind many times whenever you recall your trip to Patagonia.

The tour continues in Gaiman, where you can see other Welsh chapels, its traditional Tea Houses or just enjoy a walk trough its historical center. The welsh tea service is optional.

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