Caviahue Copahue

Mud Therapy at Copahue Hot Springs

Dr Hugo Torres tells us about mud therapy as a treatment for rheumatic and skin diseases. It is developed in the wonderful Copahue Hot Springs, in the north of the Province of Neuquén, a location that also offers many tourism activities and that you can find under Andean Zone.

The difference between mud therapy and thermal baths is the concentration of minerals, since in the former it tends to be larger and, in general, those of a volcanic origin present a larger proportion in sulfur.

Mud therapy is used as an exclusive technique in rheumatic diseases and in skin ailments (psoriasis, acne, etc.) and in esthetics, taking care of the kind of skin they are applied on, since mud with a high mineralization in sulfur dries and reddens sensitive skins.

We know of the good results gotten for dermatological ailments, an example of these are some studies developed by dermatologists..

Mud can be used for rheumatic pathologies: arthritis, rheumatism, etc. because it produces surface heat diminishing the muscle spasm, joint inflexibility and a possible anti-inflammation action.

According to some studies, mud restores magnesium and other minerals for the formation of substances which are important in the development of muscles and diminishing muscular pain.

Besides, mud produces the activation of some enzymes, as well as the incorporation of substances called oligoelements which are necessary for some metabolic functions: zinc, cobalt, copper, manganese, etc., are some of them.

In general, the treatments with mud can be developed with masks or face applications, occlusive or subocclusively, depending on the patient’s skill and the ailment to be treated.

The application of masks, generally, is recommended twice a week or depending on the ailment to be treated, in those cases of occlusive application. For chronic rheumatic pathologies they can be used once a day and in general with temperatures that go from 35ºC and 38ºC, getting a local vessel dilation that favors mineral absorption.

Mud therapy, as shown by experience, has no big incompatibilities, except it must not be used in open wounds, no hot mud in serious processes, so it is recommended medical supervision before mud therapy or thermal baths.