Fauna of the Misiones’ Jungle

This article is divided in: Part 1 Part 2

The cats, agile, silent, and astute hunters, are another wonder of the park. The most important is the yaguareté, and was declared a National Natural Monument in 2001. They hunt a wide variety of prey, including large mammals. Other cats to watch out for is the smaller but equally deadly puma, the ocelote and the yaguarundí.

There is another natural show to catch. The butterflies are enormous, with brilliant colors and strange forms. It’s a natural design show!

There are more than 400 species of birds, including many types of parrots and toucans. But the most common are called “vencejos de cascada” which build their nests in the rocks behind the falls.

When viewing the fish, keep in mind that the waterfalls have constructed a natural barrier between the upper and lower rivers, allowing the fish to evolve separately.

In the lower river you will find the surubí, the pacú, the sábalo and the famous piranha, while in the upper river you will find the chanchitas, tarariras, dientudos and moncholos.

Fauna of the Misiones’ Jungle: Part 1 Part 2