Fauna of the Misiones’ Jungle

This article is divided in: Part 1 Part 2

The attentive visitor to Misiones’ forest will have the opportunity to observe many distinctive creatures in their natural habitat.

Coatí, Iguazú Falls

Many mammals live only in defined areas of the jungle: they are tree dwellers and live in communities. One of the more interesting adaptations of the tree dwellers is a tail that is capable of grasping, so it functions as a fifth hand. If you look towards the canopy when you are walking on the Macuco Path, you will see monkeys moving through it with such grace that they appear to be dancing. Other animals that share this characteristic are the oso melero, the weasels, the zarigüeyas and the coendú, which is a rodent covered in spines.

The coaties, with their ringed tails are a common sight for visitors in the park who walk the trails. They always travel and rest in groups, delighting kids and playing with them.

Fauna of the Misiones’ Jungle: Part 1 Part 2