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How to get to El Chaltén?

El Chalten is located within the Los Glaciares National Park, near El Calafate. Most travelers arrive from that town. But there are also adventurers crossing the steppe to reach the trekking mecca!

El Chalten is 220 km. away from El Calafate. The route is completely paved featuring no complications, although sometimes it becomes blocked by snow or ice during winter.

Another way is coming from the north, by car, taking the National Route 3 to Comandante Luis Piedrabuena and thence cross the province of Santa Cruz via Route 288. This route, gravel, is in good condition overall and can be traversed with ordinary vehicles. It is not essential then to have a four wheel drive or truck. This route passes through Tres Lagos and joins National Route 40, that leads to the entrance to El Chalten.

Approximate distances to El Chaltén from:

El Calafate: 220 km.

Comodoro Rivadavia: 800 km.

Ushuaia: 1030 km.

Puerto Madryn: 1593 km.

Bariloche: 2048 km.

Río Gallegos: 453 km.

Comandante Luis Piedrabuena. 347 km.

Buenos Aires: 2910 km.


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