Andean Patagonia San Martín de los Andes

Arrayán Circuit

The Arrayan Circuit is a simple route that can be done both with a vehicle and on foot, culminating in a spectacular viewpoint over Lake Lácar.

Mirador Arrayán
Mirador Arrayán

You have to leave San Martin de los Andes along the route touristically called “Seven Lakes” and about 3 km away. there is a detour to the left indicating that it leads to the viewpoints.

During the climb, by a gravel road surrounded by cypresses,  spectacular views of the lake will appear, until you reach the fully furnished modern viewpoints with handrails, ramps for disabled people and plenty infographics.

At this point you can return to the city or continue a little longer to return by the “long Arrayan way” returning to the main road at about 11 km. from San Martin de los Andes.