It is a small town in northern Neuquén. Due to its vicinity to volcanoes, it is very attractive for those enjoying adventure in nature.

Tromen Volcano: 45 km. from the city. Access by routes 2 and 37. Its height is 3.968 meters. There is no shelter and the whole itinerary can take approximately 12 hours.

Domuyo Volcano: It is located in the north of the Province of Neuquén, 150 km. from Chos Malal and the nearest town is called Varvarco, 30 km. away. Altitude is 4,800 m. and three days are needed to get to the top.


The beauty of this city offers unbelievable places for trekking, but no doubt, the great attraction is the majestic Lanín volcano.

Lanín volcano: Altitude: 3,667 m. It is one of the favorite places among lovers of trekking and adventure.

Las Corinas: 3 hours (round trip)


Lago Lolog – Laguna Verde: 3 to 4 days
Inside Lanín National Park

Quina Quina – Lago Escondido: 4 hours

Lago Escondido – Pucará: 6 hours

Seccional Queñi – Termas Queñi: 1 hour

Nonthué – Cerro Mallo: 8 hours (round trip)

Filo Hua Hum – L. Nuevo: 4 hours


Near this city of thermal waters, long walks are a favorite and also the practice of trekking to volcanoes and places of rare beauty such as:

Copahue volcano
Arroyo Blanco (White Creek)
Siete Cascadas (Seven Falls)
Laguna Escondida (Hidden Lagoon)


Villa Traful is known by its peaceful and spectacular surroundings. For those enjoying long walks and trekking, this is a recommended place.

Cascadas Arroyos Coaco y Blanco: 3 hours

Arroyo Catarata y Puerto Arrayán: half a day (Combined with car).

Cascadas Ñivinco y Pichi Traful: full day (Combined with car).

Cerros Negro y Penitente: full day (in some parts with certain degree of difficulty).

Río Minero: full day (Combined with car).

Lagunas Las Mellizas y Pinturas Rupestres: full day (Combined with car and motor boat).


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