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Caleta Olivia

Caleta OliviaThis small city has 28,000 inhabitants and is located some 50 km. from the borderline with the Chubut province, fact that makes it the gateway to the Santa Cruz province. Caleta Olivia is in the center of San Jorge Gulf.

It was the natural port chosen to install the telegraphic settlement formerly at Comodoro Rivadavia, in 1921. But it became important on June 22nd, 1944 with the discovery of a very rich oil platform near Cañadón Seco.

Caleta Olivia's beachesThe route from Comodoro Rivadavia up to Caleta Olivia is very beautiful, you will be bordering the amazing coast of San Jorge Gulf which features majestic cliffs and fine sand beaches.

The name "Caleta" derives from the geographical accident and "Olivia" is because that was the name of the Captain of the National Guard's wife, the only woman aboard.