Patagonian Climate

The main characteristics of the Patagonian climate are: short falls and springs, and long winters. Great thermal amplitude between summer and winter, as well as a substantial temperature difference between day and night. Please click here in order to access a comprehensive temperature chart according to different regions (and seasons) in Patagonia, expressed in Fahrenheit. The average… Read on

Weather in Bariloche

Weather in Bariloche ranges from very humid at the Andes (this is the region where it rains the most countrywide), to humid at the start of the Plateau. Rain increases westbound. Weather in San Carlos de Bariloche It is a climate typical of high mountains; more rain in winter with plenty of snow, and milder… Read on

The climate in El Calafate

At El Calafate the climate is dry, with only 300 mm. rainfall in a year. But inside the Park, which is located towards the west and where Perito Moreno Glacier is, the situation changes and rainfall easily gets to 1500mm./year. Weather in El Calafate As a matter of fact, El Calafate is situated at the… Read on