The weather in Antarctica

AntarcticaThe polar weather rules throughout most of the continent due to its austral location, its height above sea level and the few solar radiation it receives.

The earth has no heat here, the solar rays get almost entirely reflected by the ice and its average temperature is –20 to 0 Cº. The winds here, run free and without restrictions, merciless and owners of great and unknown strength capable of generating incredible phenomena. Temperatures of –89.5 Cº and winds running at 320 km/h have been registered in Antarctica which is considered, probably, the windiest continent in the planet.


The dense air runs from the interior of the ice fields, the Mediterranean lands, towards the continental coasts; once they have reached the borders of the frozen shores they accelerate in an important degree and, as a consequence, ice blocks get lifted and dragged creating enormous ice storms that are giants ice clouds.