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The weather in Mendoza

The climate in Mendoza is mild with little rain and a clear sky most of the year. This is another attraction.

Weather in Mendoza

The climate is temperate continental.
Precipitation, in general, are scarce. Snowfall in the mountain range are eagerly awaited since it increases the flow of rivers and irrigation favor.
The rainy season is the summer, with some spectacular storms, short but intense, sometimes accompanied by hail.
The heavy winter frost can also occur in spring and autumn.
The Zonda, a hot wind blowing from the west, is characteristic ofMendoza. It is dry and dusty and causes discomfort in thepopulation. However, it is an augury of snow and therefore a good amount of water at the time of thaw.

Average temperatures throughout the year


Average temperatures

Celsius Fahrenheit
January 27,2 80.96
February 24,9 76.82
March 22,7 72.86
April 16,8 62.24
May 13,3 55.94
June 11,4 52.52
July 8,5 47.3
August 10,2 50.36
September 16,1 60.98
October 21,3 70.34
November 23,4 74.12
December 24 75.2