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What to pack?

To pack for Mendoza is an easy matter if you follow these tips.

Winter is characterized by cool days and cold nights. During spring and autumn the days are very nice and the nights range from cool to cold. In¬†summer heat¬†is felt¬†strongest¬†in the afternoon,¬†so the¬†‚Äúmendocinos‚Ä̬†stop¬†all activities and enjoy their¬†renowned¬†naps.¬†But¬†there is always¬†the sun of¬†Mendoza,¬†as the weather¬†is dry¬†and rainfall is¬†scarce.

Thus, and given these climate features, it is important to pack sunglasses, sun block, lip balm and hat or cap.

For the excursions you can make during the whole year, it is important to take trekking shoes or rubber sole boots and to try to avoid sneakers or shoes with thin soles; these are only suitable for the moments devoted to rest or take a light stroll.

Exercise trousers, since there are horseback riding activities available, water-proof jackets and a warm coat for possible trips to the mountain. During summer you may include a bathing suit and sandals.

Keep in mind that in Mendoza are very common during the winter snowfall in the mountainous area.