Puerto San Julián

Rock Art at La María archaeological site

The La María archaeological site is 150 km away on a northwest direction from the San Julián Port. Travel the Provincial Route nº 25 towards the west and after 78 km, turn right through Provincial Route nº 77 and you will arrive in Estancia La María after 75 km. This place is a plateau made up of large terraces that descend to the sea. There, you will be able to actually see the geologic revolutions that shook Patagonia centuries ago, printed in the sediments of volcanic explosions with great variations of colors and textures. That is how the different cliffs with caverns and eaves of different sizes have been formed.

The value of the cultural heritage you will be able to see here is enormous. This place was chosen by the former inhabitants of this area to leave testimonies of their experiences in approximately 84 natural caves and eaves that have rock paintings of 12,600 years old that belong to the Casapedrense culture.

There are drawings of hands, felines, human figures and abstract paintings show hunting scenes in red, black, white and yellow.


The whole journey is made through unpaved roads.