Port Santa Cruz

Pavón Island

Located between one of the most important bridges in Patagonia on National Route Nº3 and a secondary bridge, Isla Pavón is an interesting historical and natural attraction.

The history of the place begins in 1859, when Commander Luis Piedra Buena arrived on the island and built a small house and a factory to trade with the Indians. The Argentine flag was flying for the first time on the island that Piedra Buena would baptize “Pavón” for the military triumph of Bartolomé Miter in 1861. After this exercise of national sovereignty of the commander, with the passage of time, more families would settle.

On the island there is a museum whose construction is a replica of the house where Piedra Buena lived. Inside, there are elements rescued from the original house. In addition, historical pieces donated by the locals that date from the time of the marine pioneer are exhibited, such as paintings and weapons.

The recreational activity takes place in the campsite. There are cooking stoves and there is a curious mini zoo with gray and red foxes.