Northern Nequén Andean Patagonia

Natural Protected Area System Domuyo

A protected area for species of “Estepa Altoandina” pre-Hispanic archaeological sites and the ecosystem of volcanic hot springs that, among other facts, allows the existence of a special algae that survives in very high temperatures.

ANPP Sistema Domuyo - Foto:
ANPP Sistema Domuyo – Foto:

The landscape of the area shows the action of volcanoes and glaciers, which acted on the rocks and mountains giving very particular forms and forming canyons and valleys where you can find ammonites, a kind of prehistoric fossil snail.

A sign of volcanic activity is the presence of geysers, fumaroles and hot springs streams (18 in total) that arise at higher temperatures, in some cases, to 61º C.

In the waters of these springs and streams of the System Domuyo lives a community of algae (endemic) blue-green adapted to withstand high temperatures.

In the area there are also sites with pre-Columbian pictographs and petroglyphs  in an abstract style (Straight and parallel lines) similar to those found in Chile, in the same region.