Patagonia, October 18 2019
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Fall in Bariloche

Summer is over, the snow is not coming yet, and it is a time of delights in Bariloche. Do not miss it! Follow our advice and you will see that you will not regret it.

Bosque de Arrayanes - Patagonia-ArgentinaAutumn is the time of ocher, gold and brown. Autumn in Bariloche: a forest of goblins and perfumes. Nature to full, time to enjoy, with all the senses open to new sensations. And Bariloche invites to the most varied pleasures: walks through the woods, a navigation along the lake, an excellent chocolate in the afternoon, and the charm of its small and large restaurants with all the delights of regional Patagonian cuisine at the hands of careful local chefs.

Lagos PatagónicosAs always, in you will find all the information about this fascinating city, what you can not miss, as well as a complete and updated list of all the excursions that are available

And at our Travel Agency, specially designed tours to enjoy this fall in Bariloche.

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Bariloche (and its surroundings) is simply Heaven on Earth. In this tour you will be able to experience the feeling of disconnection from time, amidst a dream landscape that, although fully featured in terms of tourist services, still preserves the unique charm of the Patagonian...
An ideal option in order to master Patagonia's two major sites: First, a visit to the majestic Glaciers with their magical, blue ice (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and later Bariloche with the immense beauty of the Andean Lakes District and the Seven Lakes Road....