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Crossing the Lakes – International crossing to Chile

There is a very special journey which will take you to the city of Puerto Varas, in Chile, via the lakes. it is simply a fascinating trip.

Pa√Īuelo Port - Bariloche

The excursion departs from Puerto Pa√Īuelo, only 25 km. from Bariloche. You sail across Lake Nahuel Huapi, then turning to the west through the Blest branch.

This great sightseeing tour can be completed in one day only (as it takes about 12 hours to complete).

"El Abuelo", an ancient cohiue treeThe traveller can take a look at Sentinel Island, where¬†Perito Pascacio Moreno’s grave is.¬†A bit later you will be arriving in¬†Puerto Blest. Here, there is an old and charming hotel with a restaurant, and you can take a stroll up to Los C√°ntaros waterfall. Afterwards, a short bus ride, during which you have the chance to admire a huge tree called El Abuelo (grandfather), takes you to Puerto Alegre, 5 km. ahead.

At this point you will embark to sail across Lake fr√≠as, a place of silence, fantasy and huge mountainous walls that will surely make you experiment with the echoing effect.¬†The trip is short, ending in Puerto Fr√≠as. You are in the very frontier with the Republic of Chile right now. The journey restarts, this time on a bus, to finish this first leg in Peulla. Then you will sail across Lake of Todos los Santos, then continuing by bus and bordering the south margin of Lake Llanquihu√©.¬†And finally…you will get to Puerto Varas, final destination of this magnificent tour.

Note this Tour may be done the other way round also (starting in Chile and finishing in Bariloche, Argentina).

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