Glacier and Lake Viedma

Viedma Lake unveils to the visitors just before arriving in El Chalten. And in the background, like a postcard, Viedma Glacier, the second largest in National Park Los Glaciares, is seen. Born in the Southern Patagonian Icefields, it flows into this lake with walls that are more than 40 meters high. Definitely one of the… Read on

Del Desierto Lake

Visiting this Lake is one of the most beautiful excursions to do departing from El Chalten. The road skirts Rio de las Vueltas, that increases its rapids along its course while its waters become  more transparent as they get close to the lake. Besides enjoying the beauty of the scenery you can do some navigations… Read on

Crossing the Lakes – International crossing to Chile

There is a very special journey which will take you to the city of Puerto Varas, in Chile, via the lakes. it is simply a fascinating trip. The excursion departs from Puerto Pañuelo, only 25 km. from Bariloche. You sail across Lake Nahuel Huapi, then turning to the west through the Blest branch. This great… Read on

Port Blest, Lake Frías and Cascada de los Cántaros

An unforgettable all day navigation: leaving Puerto Pañuelo you navigate the Blest branch of Nahuel Huapi lake, passing near the famous Sentinel islet where Perito Francisco Pascacio Moreno lies. You then reach Puerto Blest and have lunch, then continue with the ascent to Cascada Los Cántaros, following the falls by a 60 m. high stairway where you… Read on

Victoria Island and Arrayanes Wood

This excursion includes a beautiful navigation along Nahuel Huapi lake to Quetrihue Peninsula in Victoria Island. The departing point is Puerto Pañuelo, in Bariloche. From Bariloche’s port you reach Puerto Quetri-Hué after a two hour navigation with stunning views where you can visit the famous Bosque de Arrayanes (Arrayanes Wood). It is a forest formation… Read on