Mission HouseIt was founded by Monsignor Fagnano in 1893 and a after a fire in 1897, it was moved to the present location. The mission was to educate and provide shelter to the Ona indians. It is the oldest building in town. Built by Mr. Bernabé, it was inaugurated the 1st. of January, 1899. The chapel has a romantic style and different elements that belonged to the first missionaries are exhibited. The altar is ornamented with a picture specially brought from Barcelona, Spain and reflects Virgin Mary´s Purification.

A visit is recommended.

Today, the Salesian Agrotechnical School functions here. The new section of the building houses the Regional Museum Monsignor Fagnano where you will be able to see the historical process of the foundation of the Don Bosco Order until the foundation of the Mission Our Lady of the Calendaria Mission. Besides, there is abundant anthropological material on the local ethnic groups, the Selk´nam or Onas and the Yámanas.

On one side you will see the House of the Sisters of María Auxiliadora that also educated and gave shelter to Ona women.

The Chapel, as well as the Mission House and the House of the Sisters of María Auxiliadora were declared National Historical Monuments.