Andean Patagonia Traful

Las Mellizas Lagoon and Cave Paintings

As a hidden beauty, Las Mellizas lagoons and the overhanging with cave paintings can only be accessed on foot or on horseback. And this, after a navigation to the other side of the lake.

Lagunas Las Mellizas - Foto:
Lagunas Las Mellizas – Foto:

It is a full day excursion. First you have to reach the north shore of the lake to take a path of medium difficulty to the lagoons Las Mellizas.

There is the option of making the journey on horseback. In any case, the recommendation is to do it with a guide of the National Park.

The Mellizas are two lagoons, a green one and a blue one (or white) located on the north side of Lake Traful, surrounding the Huelta hill.

Pinturas rupestres en Alero Mellizas - Foto:
Pinturas rupestres en Alero Mellizas – Foto:

Just beyond the lagoons you can visit, accompanied by guide, a rocky overhang where you can see well-preserved cave paintings, dating from the later period of the Patagonian cave art.