Bariloche Trekking

Trekking to Blue Lagoon (Laguna Azul)

Also called “Calvú”, this lagoon is located in the surroundings of Lake Mascardi, 70 km. from Bariloche. 

To get there you have to take route 258 and then the road to Tronador for about 10 km. Once there, turn right and cross the bridge over River Manso. Keep going, the path to the lagoon will appear approximately 500 m. after passing Tronador Hotel, on your right.

You have to march northbound and cross the hanging bridge over the Manso. Then, walk eastbound to arrive to Arroyo Claro (a stream), where you will find yourself going to the northwest. This trekking tour features some climbing and you have to pay attention to the marks.

The lagoon is enclosed between Cerro Bonete, one of the small peaks in the area which has got glaciers on its higher part, and Cerro Punta Negra.

The whole experience takes around 4 – 5 hours, and its difficulty level is medium.

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