Crafts Market

Salta Crafts Market was the country’s first crafts market. It opened in 1968 in the same place where it is currently located.

Crafts Market

The old house in which it functions was built during the 18th century. It suffered many modifications towards the end of the 19th century when it acquired its current aspect.

The style of the structure is the traditional one of this kind of buildings: thick adobe walls whitened with lime, a gallery with arches around a central patio and only one floor.

Since 1583 it belonged to an aristocratic family, the Arias Velásquezes and later it was transferred to the Jesuits who kept it until they were expelled in 1760. From there on, as every other estate that belonged to the Company, it passed to the administration of the ‘Junta de Temporalidades’.

It is located in an estate with soft waves known as Lomas de Madeiro. These terrains are also linked to the city’s history as it is told in the chronicles from 1583, the first mill in the city functioned here, a source of labor of paramount importance during those years.

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