How to get to Salta?

Salta is perfectly connected with flights to and from Buenos Aires and other major cities in the north. Also there are excellent buses (coaches). And if you decide to drive, in this report you will learn about the routes and distances.

Travel by plane:

Airplane is one of the most common ways to get to Salta. Interconnected with Buenos Aires, having flights on daily basis (during high season, even more than one), and also with other destinations of the country: Cordoba, Jujuy and Tucumán. Although in these cases the frequencies are not daily and tend to vary according the season.

The airport “El Aybal” is located 9 kilometers from the city, through the Route Nº 51. A public Bus service exists transporting to downtown.

Travel by bus:

There’s a vast number of Bus companies arriving to Salta. Some of most important ones are: “La veloz del norte”, “La Internacional”, “Flecha Bus”, “Andesmar” among others. The trip from Buenos Aires takes approximately 20 hours. The Bus terminal is placed a bit away from downtown (about 1500 meters) and does not have lockers service.

Travel by car:

Several routes connect Salta with the main cities of the country. From Buenos Aires, there are two alternatives for reaching Salta:

Route N° 9: starting from ‘La Panamericana’ (another route) continuing this route until reaching Tucumán. Heading, soon after, to Rosario de la Frontera, Metán and finally Salta. The entire trip takes approximately 1800 kilometers.

Route N° 34: in this case- Buenos Aires, Rosario, Rafaela, Fernandez, La Banda, Tucumán and finally, Salta. This is a little shorter option than the previous one taking 1650 kilometers approximately.


Buenos Aires: 1600 km.
Tucumán: 316 km.
Jujuy: 115 km.
Mendoza: 1230 km.
Córdoba: 874 km.
Puerto Iguazú: 1572 km.
Santiago del Estero: 478 km.
San Carlos de Bariloche: 2401 km.
Puerto Madryn: 2327 km.
Ushuaia: 4160 km.
El Calafate: 3939 km.

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